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Cybersecurity patch management and vulnerability management

The increase in cyberattacks in recent years makes cybersecurity probably the most common reason for deploying patches. Patch management is an important part of vulnerability management, a much broader strategy aimed at discovering, prioritizing and remediating security vulnerabilities in network assets. Patch management addresses identified risks by upgrading the software to the latest version or temporarily patching it to remove a vulnerability until the software vendor releases an upgrade containing the fix.

SBSI vulnerability management includes the following steps:

  • Network scanning to identify users and devices on the network (the same technique hackers use to search for vulnerable targets);
  • Penetration testing, which mimics hacker tactics to identify vulnerable parts of the network;
  • Verification to confirm that a vulnerability identified during analysis and testing can actually be exploited;
  • Mitigation measures, such as taking a vulnerable system offline, to prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities before a patch is available; and
  • Reports that use data management, analysis and visualization tools to assess the organization’s vulnerability management process and comply with regulations;
  • Identify available software and operating system patches;
  • Automated deployment of software and operating system patches to limit the number of vulnerabilities.


SBSI uses a distinct category of tools, known as vulnerability management software, to plan and document these processes and automate them.


A fully managed security solution for your workstations
$ 9 per workstation / month
  • Annual subscription
  • (11$ / month / workstation if monthly subscription)
  • Antivirus protection (daily updates)
  • Antimalware protection (daily updates)
  • Internet and network protection
  • Ransomware protection (daily updates)


Centralized management of your workstations
$ 8 per workstation / month
  • Annual subscription
  • (10$ / month / workstation if monthly subsriptionl)
  • Security patches (Windows, Mac et Linux)
  • Hardware drivers updates (Windows)
  • Updates for more than 150 third party applications
  • Operating system uptades (Windows, Mac et Linux)
  • Configuration standardization
  • Security best practices implementation

SBSI consulting services

Backups of your workstations and shared files​

One of the most important security components of your IT environment is an off-site backup solution (cloud based) which ensures that you are protected against any loss of data or a ransomware attack. SBSI Help+ offers you a turnkey solution, ensuring that all copies are made on the schedule established with you and that protection remains maximum at all times.

  • Universal Online Backup
    We have created our offer for unlimited backup of your PC and Mac devices as well as network data via mapped drives1.
  • Security and Privacy
    Transfer and store your files with AES 256-bit encryption using a key defined by you that is not stored anywhere so you remain the sole owner of your data.
  • Fast-fast-fast
    Incremental and compressed backups will reduce your network bandwidth by transferring only the modified parts of a file.
  • Real-time backup
    SBSI Help+ automatically recognizes modified parts of files and saves them in real time.


1 A file sharing solution must exist in your company. Otherwise, we will offer you a solution tailored to your needs.


A turnkey backup solution for your enterprise
$ 18 per month
  • Annual subscription
  • (20$ / month if monthly subscription)
  • Cloud based secured backups
  • Installation, configuration and monitoring included

SBSI consulting services

Alternative for your workstations

As you already know, keeping your workstations up to date with the various patches, anti-virus, anti-spyware software, etc. is a real headache and above all, very expensive, in order to maintain everything with the most current versions.

SBSI Consulting Services offers its customers a fully managed desktop image1, replacing your different current versions of Microsoft Windowstm with a single version of Ubuntutm. Ubuntu is a complete operating system (built on the Linux core) and offering a complete range of applications such as:

  • Productivity suite (Word processing, Spreadsheet and Presentations) 100% compatible with Microsoft Officetm format
  • Email client compatible with Google, Microsoft Outlook/365, iCloud and others
  • Internet browser (Firefox or Google Chrome)
  • Photograph Management
  • Music and video management
  • and over 3000 other apps


Ubuntu is completely free and offers a secure working environment protected from most viruses and malware. SBSI offers you an image optimized to your needs and also offers you a live support service in the event of problems.

Ubuntu Overview

1 If combined with our Management+ service (above)

SBSI consulting services

Remote Support

SBSI Consulting Services offers its clients a remote technical support service that allows your employees to benefit from the peace of mind required for their work.

When a problem arises on their workstation, with an application or simply if they need help carrying out a certain task, they will have access to experts at all times who, through our remote support service, will be able to help them and/or correct their problem(s).

This service can be offered individually (billed per call), monthly or included if combined with other SBSI management services.

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